Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Babu File

And need I say, "The time has flown" ?
We've come through so much change. The weather, for one, has driven away most of the snow.
Wally wonders if the tulips will begin to peek.
The rain that drove the snow got into the basement. Some rethinking to do there about prevention.
Then there's my wee studio. My stereo system is in. I can listen to old audio tapes with great sound.
I'll be sharing pictures soon.

But today is Babu Day.

It occurred to me today that I haven't taken enough pictures of Babu as a kitten,
 as this little one has already doubled in size since we got him a month and a half ago.
At 6 months, he is still a little squeaker,
 much like our Elmo was, who took on the role of Baby well into adulthood
Here Babu makes his move for the camera strap
Babu has a lot of kitten energy.
My camera can barely catch him with his Christmas quarry 2 weeks ago
Babu the Blue-Nosed Reincat
Babu guards his quarry
Passed right out from sheer exhaustion, Babu can stretch those hips out flat.
In La-La Land
The Babu Sleeps
Yes, he can be a little monkey, doing steeplechase over our heads in the wee hours of the morning,
finding his way into a clear vinyl bag full of clean blankets, doing laps around the house using chairs and tables for his obstacle course, digging little kitty claws into my thigh for attention, taking dear Muji down for the count because he's so desperate for a wrestling partner....
We know he'll grow out of it -
if we should live so long.
And here's a little Muji for balance,doing Muji Mind Control.
 Prince Muji, born for love.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

these guys have a lot of subject matter for you: I see a book of cat drawings, paintings, texture and tiles!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Like T.S. Eliot and Andy Warhol, poetry and illustration. Thank you!

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