Tuesday, 25 July 2017

the road home from the south shore

Well here we are on Chapter 4 of our afternoon holiday a week ago Sunday.
Welcome back. If you've been along with me for the trip, you can well understand why I've had to break it up into 4 parts. But at least this is the final one, a souvenir of our drive home from Second Peninsula Park.

The grasses across from the park exit warranted a picture of their own.

It's always with a combination of reluctance and sweet delight that we hit the road home.
(Reminds me of how I used to feel about a Saturday night bath when I was a child.)

Rounding a bend on one of the sheltered bays, this Queen Anne's Lace strikes a pose.

A stop in Mahone Bay to browse one of the few shops still open held some temptations, but nothing compared to this bough of tree blossoms.

up close

This pretty view of the bay across from our parking.

I'm slipping in this picture of Jo-Ann's that I showed you 3 posts ago, though it is earlier in the day, as it gives a reference for where we went next as it was just across the street.

 I'd never actually been in before

and it was certainly worth a browse. The name of the oatcakes cracks me up.
If you've never heard a "Newfie" (Newfoundlander) accent and the hilarious expressions they use...

here is a video that will give you a taste of it- Lord Tunderin'.  I giggle every time I watch this.

We do hear this accent here from time to time here in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia has various accents of it's own.

An old stove with homemade pita chips, baguettes and what appear to be cheese buns at Jo-Ann's

two pretty profiles

decisions, decisions
yes, still at Jo-Ann's

and a small produce section on the way out to the patio where folks are nursing their goodies

next door, an old Victorian

the view from the front

and next to that the charming double peaked Teazer, a gift shop

side entrance to the Teazer

Back on the road we make our way to our junction, Chester Basin,
that will take us on a direct route home.

I have to do this to you every now and then, sharing a poorly exposed and blurry shot, 
this time of a particularly charming house in Chester Basin 

The road home goes through some pretty wild country with twists and turns as we climb the ancient mountain that forms the backbone of this part of Nova Scotia.

This enormous cloud sat at the crest of the mountain and as we got nearer to it,

It began to look like the head of a Highland Terrier to me


morphing into an elephant fish

closer to Murphy Lake Road, I asked Wally to stop

On our way out 6 hours earlier, we came upon this little chapel for sale

and my imagination went into overdrive as I imagined the swell little art shop it would make.

I imagined the seasonal lifestyle it would make to run a little business
and began to dream up names for it

then reality set in as I remembered the nature of a transient clientele with me, a woman alone, the money it would cost to bring it up to par, gutting it with new floors, new roof, electricity, plumbing, septic, well water and probably filtering, and the shelving and picture hanging apparatus,  the crazy amount of work it would take to fill it and the bookkeeping, taxes, and... have I left anything out?
I was surprised by how disappointed I got after such a short emotional investment. Another case of the old horse plodding the old track, but those days are over for me and rightfully so as being in business never really appealed to me.

We came home to our pretty gardens and our home sweet home.
Wally placed our new twig trellises against the wall of Forget-Me-Not Cabin
and I remembered to feel grateful for all that I have.

for the here and now
follow your breath
to pull yourself in

Friday, 21 July 2017

afternoon at second peninsula park

Good Friday Mornin' to yeh!
Yes, after preparing all these photos of our trip to Second Peninsula Park, I'm a little potty from reliving the experience, not to mention computer weary. But it is so worth it.
I hope you enjoy the ride.

Starting with this funky sign, we  knew we had gone too far.
Lunenburg is only 10 kilometres (that's 6 miles) from Mahone Bay and the road we were looking for is not signed on the Mahone Bay side from which we'd come- just to make life interesting.

So we turned around and soon found First Peninsula Road that let us know Second Peninsula would soon show up. We made our turn and followed a winding road along this peaceful inlet.

This shoreline was so much like our old haunts in Muskoka, Ontario,
a somewhat tamed wild beauty we'd come to love.

I asked Wally to turn around so that I could capture this Raven in a quintessentially northern setting.

There was a LOT of loud screaming going on between it and another one or two hidden from sight,
not far from someone's home. Yikes! That'll spoil the mood.

We carried on around quiet bays

Though many water-edged properties are owned by wealthy people,
it charms me to see these humble old time properties.

another private dock and the road continues its scenic curves

a moored sailboat
Though this is a saltwater inlet, it' rolling hills, spruce, birch and white pine
truly reminds me of Muskoka or Haliburton at least.

a peaceful scene across the water

driving around another little bay

coming into the manicured park, discreetly signed park

With sentimental memories, we find our picnic bench of two years ago,
unoccupied at the end of the steep trail down to the shore

We have a neighbour this time, ensconced in her book, so we speak in hushed tones.
Beyond is a small Inukshuk, the appropriated (and ironic) Inuit message "we were here".
Beyond that, someone swimming, and then the sailboats.

Thankfully there was only one motorboat that went by. When I remarked on how quiet it was, Wally explained to me that it had an inboard motor unlike the outboard motorboats that spoiled so many visits to the lakes years past in Muskoka. (Those days had passed by the time we left five years ago due to a failing economy and higher taxes for those living on the lakes.)

It was, in fact, exquisitely quiet where we planted ourselves and we had our lunch. Wally thought to bring an organic apple/cranberry juice to mix with Perrier which was deliciously decadent.

Afterwards we took out our watercolour pads and palettes and set to work playing,
with this exquisite scene to rest our eyes on
This is the life

for some people

Two Ships in the Night
Oops, I mean
Two Boats in the Light


We watched a sailboat motor in to its little motorboat, the second mate reaching for its line.
They took the little boat to the public dock where their truck was waiting. That's 3 motors for their afternoon holiday. That struck me as odd somehow.

Look what I found in the woods behind us! An honest to goodness Toadstool!

Mr. Snail close by

one of a few clamshells left behind by a seagull I'm guessing

over my shoulder the rock and windblown trees

down the Shore with the ocean proper not nearly in sight

the dock beyond where those sailboaters left from

two moss adorned trees, spruce I think, a little worse for wear.
Wally informs me it is lichen that hangs from the branches, not moss.

Their roots exposed where the soil has eroded, they stretch out for yards on either side.

more roots amid the growth of sea plants

With the tide out, little seaweeds cling to their moorings.

The tide gently laps its way out

so gently that you can see a good way into the clear water

As it comes in, it gently ripples, swaying the hinged seaweed with it.

It's good to see Wally unwind, here with his watercolour seascape that he splashed with seawater to see if the salt would make a difference. (It didn't.)

Squinting in the sun, I didn't wander too far from our "home base" as the shore was so rocky and I have a huge respect for rock against bone.

squinty, happy me

While still holding the camera, Wally took his traditional One Shot a Year.

Come Again

And just because...

I could have shown you earlier as they were made a week ago when I was still floundering.
I figured I owed myself a play date.

I brushed some of my new Jane Davenport acrylic paints into sections on the page and filled each coloured box with a different something or other.

It really amounts to doodling with paint. A matte acrylic is very compatible with paint pens and ink as you can see.

I learned from my squirrel picture, that I showed you yesterday, 
that a little white paint pen can take a picture out of the doldrums.

Thanks again for coming along with me. My day trip pictures will need one more installment.
But I think, for now, we've earned a rest.

kindness first