Tuesday, 15 April 2014

a south shore holiday

Yes, I have been away from my blog for a while. Trying to carve a space out in our down-sizing challenged house for the visit of my sister last week. Of course, when any visitors come, we get to play tourist too. After a crazy winter for many of us, what a treat to go gallivanting!

Here are a few pictures taken over 2 days along the South Shore, with more to come.

Here's a handsome fellow in a parking lot
a Preening Break
each going to work in their own way
a cruise through scenic Herring Cove
the lobster traps piled high

only a curve in the road to the open sea.
Can you see the 2 people under the tree? This gives a hint at the size of those waves
the ebb
and flow of the incoming tide
with a crash on the rocks to our right
a panorama of this less sheltered cove
the houses to our left, a tall funky one, above and beyond the first, with their views of the sea
I take a peek over the edge. This always makes Wally crazy.
and good-bye to the wonderful rolling surf
Further down the road we come to the fishing village of Sambro.
Here is Fishermans Provider II .
It is Sunday and the working boats are tied up at dock. Fortune takes a rest.
with lovely names like Nicole & her sisters II
The massive gear for hauling in the fishing nets
You can get a hint of the rigorous life at sea by this hard-working boat
They seem so small compared to the massive company fishing ships and the life at sea
Maybe that's why this one is called " Seamans Toy I"
But they are picturesque on a calm sunny Sunday afternoon.
I hope you have all been well. Spring is coming though I hear there's a forecast of snow for tomorrow in Muskoka, Ontario, the land we left in August of 2012. We were surprised with purple and white crocuses on our front lawn yesterday. It's funny how they just seems to suddenly pop up. Hang in there; it will be your turn soon.
More soon.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

what a marvellous collection of photographs of interesting ships you took for everyone to see.
a very exciting present for my BIRTHDAY ! Thanks Lorraine, from Mom.

historypak said...
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