Monday, 20 June 2016


It's officially summer, with or without the calendar's blessings. The weather is balmy with a silken summer breeze pouring through the windows, freshening up this old house. The moon is full in Sagittarius.  It is a time of culmination. Energy is high. The tides are high. It is the best time to get an overview on what you have planned since the new moon 2 weeks ago.

We were blessed with another rainbow soon after the last one.

This one appeared to have a little ring around it

Wally is on his way to cut some fresh kale and Swiss Chard for our salad.

One morning I woke to find the flicker near our side garden

It had come to hunt for bugs (ants?) in the sand

Could that be something in its beak as it leans back to swallow it?

a view of its stripey back and scarlet "V"

On the hunt

Another patch of sand

striped like a jailbird

behind bars

This blog post spans 4 days in June, covering little events as I continue to do battle on various messy fronts of my life, including paperwork in its various incarnations. 
This next batch of pictures came about one evening as I rested after the supper dishes with Babu
who always joins me on Wally's chair after Wally goes to bed.

Babu sees something on the wall, then looks over my head

I ask Babu, "What do you see?"

He looks back again, and his eyes get even wider so I finally look to see- nothing

and turn back to find him looking like this.
"Are you trying to psyche me out?" I ask,  and go back to what I'm doing

when I catch him looking again and, yes, I look again too, quickly,
to see if I can catch a glimpse of - Marion? Still nothing; not the teeniest spider.

"Babu, You're freaking me out." Can he see Marion's ghost?
(Marion was the original owner of this house and lived here with her first husband Percy
and then husband #2, John.)

My funny little Babu who leads a rich fantasy (?) life

his kitty lips and two bottom teeth

On Saturday morning, I opened up the window in the vestibule door for some fresh air

Muji rejoiced in some happy rolling sunbathing

I'd brushed him out the day before. He needs a good brushing quite regularly as his coat is so dense.
But then he seems to get cold; I think it's because he is not a naturally active cat.
Anyway, he certainly loves sunbathing. I try to restrict it so that he doesn't get a sunburn. His orange bits always lighten in the summer.

Eventually the happy rolling gave way to a kitty bath

and a footbath that Babu came to witness

The computer has been acting up and caused a delay in posting so many pictures this spring.
I have some lovely garden shots to share but for now I'll take a break

and wish you well


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