Friday, 1 July 2016

Hay Baling on Canada Day

It's Canada Day, formerly Dominion Day, a holiday for most people in Canada,
but not the Early Bird.

Yesterday I woke to the hayfield mown, and today I woke to the last of the hay baled.

There is a makeshift wood shelter at the back of Forget-Me-Not Cabin beyond which I can see a goodly portion of the hayfield, looking due south.

The Honeysuckle perfume was intoxicating but the scent of hay had already waned.
I think this must be a new hayer, judging by his work style: the Early Bird.

As I turned back towards the house, there was Muji, squinting in the morning sun, waiting for me.

Turning towards the garden, one can see how high the hydrangeas are.

Our Canada Day garden

A row of Broccoli, looking like a totem pole with Oregano for a head

Just a little catch up on a most beautiful day.   While we're still waiting for rain, we are lucky to be able to water our little garden and keep it "together". .

Remember to hold this moment


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