Friday, 2 September 2016

Slipping into Autumn

So here we are in September. How could a summer go so fast?
There has been some change in the maple trees, always the first to show their colours.
The nights are colder and energy seems to be in a state of flux as the harvest swings into higher gear.
The first local apples- MacIntosh- are in the stores and the produce is coming so thick and furious that we are lucking in to some incredible sales like a case of corn in their husks for 99 cents. We counted 17 ears, all fresh and sweet!

Towards the end of last week, I wandered into the garden
capturing the clematis festooning the composter with their resplendence

The garden is getting away on us, but we still manage to use what has bolted in our juicing

The peaches had to be rescued from marauding blue jays

It helped the slim pliant trunk that we relieved it of some of its weight

after taking a few appreciative pictures. The fruit is luscious.

The cucumbers bailed on us, getting fatter and fatter, so Wally picked them too.

We're managing to keep up with the cherry tomatoes

Here, from left to right, are chard, carrots, beets, and kale
with broccoli bolting in the back

We still make the most of our broccoli by juicing it along with a big bowl of other veggies:
and always Cilantro

Many other things make it in from time to time like:
Romaine Lettuce ends
Parsley stems
Kale stems
well, you get the idea

Here a busy Bumblebee works on a Broccoli Flower
Note the Pollen Sac that appears to sit on its abdomen, looking like a pale egg.
(The pollen basket or corbicula is part of the tibia on the hind legs of certain species of bees. They use the structure in harvesting pollen and returning it to the nest or hive.)

The Bumblebee has to be the friendliest of all the bees

for they allow you to get quite close

Here is a lovely Kale amidst the bolting Broccolis

Our Harelsons are not doing too well this year, most of them dropping from the tree,
infested because we don't spray for the infamous Codling Moth

Here is the beginning of Wally's concrete patio tile path that he has laid with weeping tile beneath to help deflect the spring run-off from melting snow. A Nine Bark bush seems to be taking over.

On the back deck, the cherry tomatoes are doing well as they loom over the potted cilantro

In the vestibule, Babu and Muji are settling in

for a nap

Yesterday I scanned the street during a quiet spell and found this manhole
on the other side of our frontage. I can hear it clanging already with future traffic.

A pile of sand to its left

A stack of water pipes waiting to be laid sit on my neighbours frontage
and on it goes....

and now, for no reason in particular except that I've been humming this tune lately,
here is a fabulous early recording of Alice Faye from 1936- that's 80 years ago.

have a lovely slide into autumn


Spa Offer Lady said...

Very jealous of your garden, I'm sure the beautiful flowers and vegetables will continue to grow even through these colder months.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you for visiting Spa Offer Lady. Actually we have a month's extension on summer here in the Annapolis Valley, famous for its farming and the hot spell we're enduring right now is right on schedule.

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