Thursday, 12 January 2017

a simple life

What a week it's been for weather. After our big snowfall on the weekend, we got the typical high pressure, sunny and, this time, bitterly cold weather.

But didn't it make for a beautiful day,
the high pressure negative ions always putting me in a positive mood.
And have you noticed? The days are getting longer!

We got a good deal on green peppers so I stuffed them with organic short grain brown rice, black beans, scallions, celery, cumin and curry, topping each one with a thick slice of tomato. Yum.

Babu has grown into a very loving cat, giving me "permission" to sit while Wally served.

This is how I found Muji the next morning- hiding!

Doesn't he do a great impression of Gloria Swanson?

Babu strikes a pose and as usual, any attention I give him makes Muji jealous
so after quite a while taking pictures of Muji....

he made a ghostly move to leave his lair

and come pose for me as well, funny pretty little boy

"Oh but being a model is so bo-o-ring.."
from ghostly to ghastly

later that day, two angels

That night we had a dreadful wind and most of the next morning with rain pelting the house and windows  -  NOVA SCOTIA!!  She can be so beautiful and so cruel.

One night, too lazy to get a proper sketchbook, using whatever is in arm's reach,
Wally teased me the next day about the lines running through my drawing.
I often settle in for some embroidering or something creative after the dishes are don and Wally gone to bed.
Quiet nights are so dear to me.

pleasant pastimes
pleasant dreams


Jeanne-Sylvie said...

Such beautiful pictures of your little guys!! Muji behind the curtain is awesome!
I hope you are doing well and send you my best thoughts, have a nice week end!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank-you dear.

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