Monday, 29 October 2012

Back to the Gaspereau Valley Fibre Shop

Just when I was on a roll, my dear techie left me to return to "the scene of the crime"- our storage unit in Muskoka where we left some of my most precious things: my art supplies and portfolios and sketchbooks of years gone past.

So to soften the blow of being on my own for a week, I dropped him at work one day before he left and headed back to the Gaspereau Valley Fibre Shop for their Thursday afternoon drop-in where I would get the guidance I needed to started the hat project that Wally chose for me.

Lucky for me, it was one of those quintessential autumn days when the valley was laid in patchwork.
The romance of working in this old barn was not lost on me.
 This wickedly handsome sock was modelled by the person for whom it was being made.
Another lovely piece of work modelled by its maker.

And another, who wears the intricately patterned cardigan that she knitted while she works on an amazing hat that is no less rife with pattern.
And finally, my humble first attempt at a hat, made from "kitchen sink" fibre from New Brunswick, which is so much fun to work with , having so much personality.
I realize that last time I suggested that there would be pictures of the sheep and llamas, but they were nowhere to be seen.  I expect that I will see them again one day and share pictures with you on that occasion.
There will be a series of catch-up posts coming up shortly which will show how happily productive I was while Wally was away. Til then,
may you find joy in every moment for it is a precious time indeed.



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