Tuesday, 16 October 2012

escape to the Gaspereau Valley

A good Tuesday morning to you from an even warmer but light rainy day here in Kentville. Glad to have taken advantage of yesterday's sunshine to hang 2 loads of washing in the blowy gusts, watering my 2 potted plants that needed the weight as well to keep them from blowing over.

As promised more of our splendid Saturday afternoon out.
After 3 recommendations, we made our way over to Gaspereau Valley Fibres Farm Wool Shop.
Three barns and a grey farmhouse set in the picturesque valley of vineyards and apple orchards.
The chickens so sleepy in the afternoon sun that they barely glance at me before nodding off again.
When we enterred the first old barn, the blanket of warmth from the wood stove wrapped us in
the same heat that put this mellow kitty to sleep in a basket of yarn. 
The old wooden floors and generous cupboards and large mullioned windows created a most welcoming atmosphere.
All around were samples of knitting and felting.
I find it astounding that someone could make something so intricate and ethereal.

I love workspaces, even this sales desk which constitutes one. Don't you love the funky clothespin notekeeper that hangs from the chalkboard? 
How quickly the time flew. The chickens were awake now. In the meadow the sheep and llamas were milling about, a touch too far for my camera to capture. But next time....
 a peaceful path to this moment


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