Tuesday, 31 August 2010

And so farewell to August...

It has been a rich day.  So precious are these last days of summer.  A walk on our lane turned up these beauties, right in the middle of the road- overnight!

We call them puffballs; as children we would press on them between our fingers and a puff of black  'smoke'  would come out (spores?)   Apparently they're good to eat, though I have yet to try them ( a long yet, I think).

I've shown this strange berry before but I don't remember the stalks being so colourful.

These lovely daisyish 'weeds' are growing over 6 feet high in some places.

On the other hand, these little trumpet-like flowers grow low to the ground.  I was so busy composing my shot, at first, that I didn't notice this very serious bumblebee.  He was so oblivious to me that I could get quite close; and closer and closer, I forgot my composition as I tried for a better shot of him. 
Eventually I left before he did.

I'm constantly amazed by the wealth of beauty around me, and surprised that I always seem to find something new to shoot even though I walk the same route every day.

But there is work to be done- joyous work, the work of play.  I have picked up the doll I started in May after realizing that it was her mouth that had discouraged me.  After revamping that, the energy changed and I couldn't wait to embellish her with applique and embroidery and who-knows-what-else.

All it takes is the tiniest bit of tweaking and suddenly everything is different.  Changing the trajectory of an object into space can send it into a vastly different place than it might have gone.  Sometimes we think we don't have a choice....But we do.

Good-bye August...Hello September!


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

lots of nice new photographs!
But I'd really love to see more of your work shots. The doll's back is just not enough: I want more...:)

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

More is coming!

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