Thursday, 16 December 2010

we infinity

Today I have added a link called  "a short film on Infinity"  to my  'Links'  sidebar  (that I originally added to a posting I did in September).   It is particularly meaningful as it gives perspective on ourselves as a lifeform.   I found it very moving;  I hope you enjoy it.

a garland of snow on the deck railing this evening

And now,  since I never know who is reading this,  I  find myself wondering how my words are received outside my immediate circle.   There is a readership 'statistics' section for this blog that I can access that has shown me readers from,  not only my homeland of Canada but also China,  Russia,  Malaysia,  Croatia,  Germany,  England and the United States.   It astounds me that people are finding me,  and some are even returning!   And so, that we might not remain unacquainted,  I invite you to leave your thoughts in the  'comments'  section  (that appears at the bottom of each of my entries).

On the other hand,  it is clear to me that many people don't read my words at all.  They just like to look at the pictures.  I get that.

an experiment in machine embroidery that I did a while back
that I've since decided I like

In a world where we are inundated with information,  I have to ask myself,  "What do I possibly have to offer?"   That includes words OR pictures.   After all,  it has all been said or done before....or has it?    Each of us who inhabit this planet are    u n iq u e   though we sometimes forget that as we emulate each other,  seeking to belong.    Belong to what?   To the group,  the tribe,  our peers,  who we admire,  religion,  politics,  caste,  class,  economic status;  oh my goodness,  it does go on,  doesn't it?  

a photoshop-coloured iron-on transfer of my mom at age 15
 fabric collage that I hand-stitched a couple of years ago onto burlap

Sure, I have questioned myself about the value of my words and creative work.  This is where I have to stop and remember that this expression of my own uniqueness   (these words and pictures)  might be an inspiration or give hope to those who are struggling to find themselves amidst all this  "belonging".    I hope my place on the path of self-discovery and consciousness will shine a beacon for someone else as other fellow travellers' expression of themselves has been for me.

 Until next time,  "Namaste".
 I honour the Spirit in you which is also in me.


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