Friday, 3 December 2010

winter's come at last

And here it is.
How silly of me to regret not taking shots of our first full blast of winter last weekend
after Tuesday's rain wiped out the heavy snowfall.
 Yesterday's snow is here to stay, at least for a while, as temperatures drop.

This fall I found myself dreading the onslaught of winter for the first time.
But my old romantic self  kicked in as the wintr'y mantle settled.
You can barely see the garden shed,  tall enough to stand in,  wrapped in its mystic veil.

It's as if the bearded old men of the forest ventured out in the half light.

The weight of the wet snow created heavy robes for these denizens of the forest's edge..

This morning we found that this great old tree took the hit for the canoe we store underneath.

Our old girl, Cedar, loved it.  She fairly lost her head!

Then she took off on several mad tears that cracked me up.

I just love the light.

There is an ethereal quality to it that is so heart-filling.

Of course, there is a price to pay; some trees just can't take the weight of the snow. 
This chunk broke off the top of a rotten old tree and it is only right that it came down. 
 It's harder when you see perfectly (apparently) good trees bend and snap and break.

It took longer than usual getting down to the main road, camera in one hand, shaking overladen branches off and dragging fallen debris off the road with the other, all in time to meet the mailman.  

The road doesn't usually flood until spring, so this little bit doesn't faze us.

By late afternoon the snow on the pond began to crackle; the water hasn't frozen enough to sustain it.

And one last kiss of sun before nightfall.

I hope you can find the same joy in winter that I do.  It feels like a blank page on which one can write anything they wish: a new beginning.   I love the the contrast the seasons lend to the year. 
 It is the variety that gives the spice,no?

Thanks for sharing this time with me.  Blessings.


Elise Muller said...

Thanks for sharing yours & Cedar's enthusiasm about the fresh snow. I enjoyed snowshoeing today tapping on swooped branches heavy with snow making gates along my usually clear path. It was as though the forest was locked to keep it's beauty a secret.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

How beautifully put. Doesn't this time of year bring out the poet in us? Thank-you for such a lovely image of your walk.

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