Friday, 11 March 2011

each ephemeral flower

Our small precious planet. 
Sometimes it must feel as if it has turned upside down
and nothing is as it was.

Yet each time we create something-
 a meal, an act of kindness, a thought-
it's as if a new flower has grown on the tree of our life.

I don't really see any recourse except to make each ephemeral flower an act of love.


mamabeaks said...

thank you, that was beautiful. :-)

Stone Tree Studio said...

it's so true, it's all we can do to live in each moment.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank-you both for sharing; it means so much.

Cathy said...

You have a beautiful blog with lots of wisdom. I like to believe that life is like a wheel - no beginning and no end, just the very interesting bits in the middle. I hope your weather improves soon and thanks for your nice words about my Etsy shop.


Enchanted Blue Planet said...

What a nice surprise to see your support here on my blog. Thank-you Cathy.

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