Wednesday, 23 March 2011

love all around you

It is officially spring.  The snow and ice are trying to recede; and in a way,  so am I.
How much there is to keep up with if one is to be fully engaged in this modern life with all its comings and goings.  I don't have the multi-task bug I once had,  doing a million things in a day.

The winter has a built-in quietude that appeals to my creative side.  Spring is already demanding that I be available for Life, for friends and family,  for worldly responsibilities that I've managed to avoid until recently.  Commitments are beginning to stack up,  and so this is my way of apologizing for being away so long again.
I so wanted to have something special to show you by now,  but, as with so many things,  that will come when it's ready.  Thank-you and welcome to my newest followers Michele of Pipi La La  and  Cathy of One Pink Goose who are artists in New Zealand and England respectively whom you can click on to check out their lovely work.

So, until next we meet, I send my blessings and wishes for clarity and love all around you.


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