Sunday, 26 June 2011

mixed media portrait

On Monday I will finally put some new things for sale in my etsy shop, one of which I promised over a month ago.  I have since learned that I would be wise to never promise anything online as each day seems to have a life of its own, and suddenly I could be on a plane to Mozambique or meeting the Dalai Lama for lunch or, more likely, taking it into my head to catch up on the laundry and wash the floors.

So I thank you once again, for bearing with me as I attempt to act responsibly while, at the same time, fulfilling my commitment to myself to play more often in order to achieve the level of creative expression I've set myself.  Each day is a like a new juggling act.  Why it should seem new when it's the same old challenge, I'll never know.

This little 4 inch x 6 inch portrait  is done in deep brown watercolour
and charcoal pencil on a lovely ivory-coloured watercolour paper.
There will be closer detail shots of it in the shop.

And this is a detail of that beaded watercolour I did back in May that was
supposed to go into the shop the next day. Well, tomorrow is the day.
This time I'll make it happen! "Grrr," says this bunny determinedly.

Thus I wish you all a world where you are supplied with many lifelines,
and fewer deadlines, where time is our friend and we live in happy symbiosis.


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