Friday, 19 August 2011

demi-anniversary sale

I hope you are feeling the balance of a quiet reflectful day as I am.  Summer is in her glory here.

I have been away from this blog longer than I expected.  August has been full of distractions that have kept me from my creative play.  But everything goes into the mix I suppose.  It certainly makes me eager to get back into the swing of things.  And now I've set myself a goal by making a  SALE   in my etsy shop til the end of August.

In September I will remove the pieces now displayed and replace them with new items I have been working on.   It has been one of the most interesting times of my life,   the reinvention of my creative life,   moving from a 34 year careet as a potter,  with painting and collage art on the side,   to putting the pottery in the background as I pursue an expression more personal to me.

It has been a little over 6 months since I opened my etsy shop.  What an amazing adventure it has been,  meeting more folks there than on my blog where I had hoped to interact with other souls interested in the creative arts as I am.   Living and working in creative isolation has its benefits and challenges.   I can't begin to tell you how meaningful and helpful it has been to have the input and support from those of you who have cared to write.
I am so grateful to those of you who have cared to follow this process of personal growth. It can be more difficult than one might imagine to   P L a Y  .    There is more to it than one might expect.   Releasing the constraints of everyday life and coming to your table   f R e E    is as simple as jumping into the deep end of one's right brain.   But if one doesn't make a habit of it,  there is the same initial fear of the blank page so to speak.   Freedom and play are so intertwined and I marvel at those folks who seem to have an access to it in everyday aspects of life,   problem-solving with an ease and grace based on  TRUST.   Trust is one of those things that come to us when we are in a safe place.  It can be a material safe place, or an internal one.   If we carry our demons inside who mock us,  then that must be addressed first.   Creativity or problem-solving may not be successful,  but that always,  ALWAYS,  something will be learned from it and,  hence,  be put to further use.   It's exciting this inner journery.   I believe,  I truly believe,  it is in all of us to discover, both the inner journey and the creative one.

Peace my friends



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