Tuesday, 2 August 2011

stepping into August

Another glorious day in Muskoka.
We live in a little bubble of Eden here in the woods.

When I moved here almost 23 years ago a friend told me,  half seriously,  not to tell anyone;  that we should keep it to ourselves.  It surely is a luxury to live among the trees and birds and nature when she's kind.

a little watercolour, as yet unnamed that I did recently

Welcome August in all its wistful glory. 


mamabeaks said...

She is very pretty............... That is so nice that you live amongst the trees. I miss the green forest and moss covered trees.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you so for all your support mamabeaks.
I am sorry you are having gremlins on your comment page. I tried leaving comments over the last week until today when I found some nastiness on your page which I'm sure you can delete. Best of luck; please let me know what's going on. You can leave your email address privately on my contact page on etsy if you like.

nymark said...

L: i can't email (maybe in the next millenium?) and i'm not completely comfortable with publicly saying hi but I'm at work, with no time to call. i stumbled upon notice of your dad's passing, which i must acknowledge. my love to you, wally, barbara and all the family. will try to call soon as hysterical work sched allows.


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