Saturday, 18 February 2012

Year of the Dragon Wonderment

I don't know of anyone in my acquaintance who places credibility in Chinese astrology.  Having studied it a little, I see enough regularity in it that I have come to use it on occasion.  There is a world out there that uses Feng Shui, the art of placement and an aspect of Chinese astrology, very seriously.  I used it as part of my decision-making to move here 12 years ago.  The Chinese zodiac works on a 12 year cycle, each year ascribed to an animal that swam a river to see the Buddha., The Rat was the first, considered to be the most clever because, though he was small, he jumped onto the back of the mighty Ox and jumped off again to reach the Buddha first.

In the twelve years that have passed, we find ourselves in the Year of the Dragon again.  I have known that this would be the year that we would put the finishing touches on our house and put it up for sale, but I never imagined how the drama of this year would affect the progression of my Daily Project like it has not to mention many other things in my life.  So much has happened already that I scarcely know where to turn.  I wonder what kind of year other Dragon babies are having.

Tomorrow I will be in Costa Rica, and soon after,  in a government-protected rainforest, considered to be the "lungs of the world".  I try to explain the wonderment of this trip by using the movie "Avatar" as a metaphor.  It is profound for me to be so close to the intensity of this mammoth organism, the rainforest, knowing how precious it is to us all.  I have been startled to learn about the exotic (to me) species that live and depend on the rainforest and the Costa Ricans who protect it.  I've already mentioned the 4 kinds of monkeys, iguanas, and the Sloth! but I have since learned about the Jaguar, the Ocelot, the Peccary and the Fier de Lance, a poisonous snake whose name descibes it only too well.

Thank you to those of you who continue to give me the benefit of the doubt and keep checking back to see if I've posted any thing.  And to new follower Karin Lynn Cumming who I should have acknowledged weeks ago when she came on board. Thank you so much.

I expect to have many pictures to show you when I return.  Til then I wish us all

peace on Earth.



Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

So far, it does seem to be a topsy-turvy year! Very much looking forward to hearing about and seeing photos from Costa Rica....hope you are having a wonderful time! Cheers, Patti

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks Patti. Glad to hear yours is stable.
I'm stunned that I'm here in the torpid heat with the roar of the ocean and the sounds of exotic birds in the background. On borrowed money, I had to take this trip of a lifetime.

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