Sunday, 29 January 2012

Daily project 2012: stretched over the weeks

Thank you for your little peeks in to see if I am still alive. I can tell by the statistics that blogger keeps for this site that people still visit from all over the world, and I am touched.  Not a day passes when I am not working on my daily project.  Every now and then I get up to stretch my legs and play with my new camera. 

Here is a shot of a rare sunny day last week.

 The multitude of little stitches it takes to fill the background of the embroidery I have been working on are incredibly time-consuming; I estimate I do about a square inch or 2.5 cm. a day.   It has contributed to such a sedentary couple of weeks, that I have frightened myself with my stiffness and even a tingling in my right thumb that is surely caused by repetitive stress on it.  Who knew embroidery could take such a toll?

Every day Wally practically begs me to take a day off.  And when I say," But I'm almost done" or " I think I'll be done today", he says, "That's what you said yesterday."  It's clear it takes a bit of the obsessive to persevere at this task.

The three inches of snow we were forecast for yesterday more than tripled.  We drove a treacherous drive home from a day out on snow-packed highways with many white-outs, where the snow blows so hard you can't see in front of you.  It was a little too exciting, and at one point I said to Wally who was driving, " I love adventures, especially safe adventures." 

Somebody has a little shovelling to do....

This evening the snow is falling again.  We watched it in warm security, creating a silvery background to the magnificent desert cinematography of  "Lawrence of Arabia" and I mused how much I'd miss winter if I was ever to live somewhere else.  I hope you are happy in your home wherever you live.  It is a blessing to love where you live.


Lori said...

I hope you are enjoying the present while you work on the embroidery when the work is slow it can sometimes help with the focus of time. It looks very beautiful there.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

How true, how true Lori.
It is a huge gift to have these quantities of time in which to be with the work. There is a certain impatience in wanting to get on with things, but I am determined to stay present with what is required. I am so lucky to look up and see this magnificent landscape.
I hope you are present with your beautiful work too.

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Lorraine....those are long hours of stitching, I can certainly tell that!!! It is interesting what happens with the time....I hope you find the time meditative with new insights arising. And yes, I understand the obsessive nature of it think you are almost there, but no, not really. It's interesting, the push-pull of relaxing into the open-endedness of the work and at the same time wanting it finished so you can move on. Enjoy the's lovely!

Karin Lynn said...

It seems that you enjoy and embrace our Ontario winter and that is good. I am a power walker and am out in the elements no matter what (but I do have the good fortune to know I get to leave it in Feb. and slide into some warm weather for awhile)....yeh for is much finer than dull, grey dirt. Cheers from another Ontarian(Oakville)...Karin lynn

Karin lynn said...

p.s.....couldn't figure out how to "follow"...follow didn't work. Karin lynn

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you Patti for your support that mean so much to me. It is an inward business this act of creating, but another element is added when one works so long on a piece. A lot of room for the mind to wander; you're right about the new insights. I know you know.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Hi Karin Lynn,
Thanks so much for dropping by. Yes, it takes a certain type to love the snowy weather, not that I'm in it as much as you. But the pristine blankets of snow and silver skies delight me as if I've been immersed into a heavenly landscape.

The way to 'follow' someone's blog, I've found, is to copy the blog address you wish to follow (it's URL) and then go to your blog dashboard and under "Blogs I follow" you will see an ADD tab that you press; from there you will be prompted to paste in the blog address you want to follow. Thanks for wanting to and good luck!

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

your shot over the pond is beautiful

and the stitching is great: keep stitchin'

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks Barbara!
I can hardly take credit for my photos with this wonderful new camera I've got; as easy as point and shoot.
I'm stitchin' alright, nearin' the finish line :D

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