Wednesday, 21 March 2012

February 23 in Costa Rica

It has been a record-breaking week for warm weather in what is supposed to be late winter.  Today the robins and the junkos and sparrows hopped through the winterworn grasses looking for goodies, and even a tree frog called; so odd as the temperatures are over 20 Celsius degrees higher than seasonal. 

Here are a few more favourite shots to share of my magical time in Costa Rica; magical because it's all a dream now since I've been home for 2 weeks and 2 days.

Here is a "blue heron" though not the blue heron of home here in Muskoka.  This fellow is busy fishing in low tide among the mangroves of the Tamarindo estuary.

And then he flies away.  I  blew up this fragment of the original shot and remember now how I compensated for the one second delay on my camera by panning the flight of the bird,  just to keep it in the frame, hence the blurry background.

Another blurry blown-up fragment of my original shot, typically touristy with its tiny subject.
I've included it because I'm fascinated by the ethereal transparency of this egret's huge wings, something like the clouds that I can't get enough of.

Iguanas everywhere in the summer heat of dry season.   This shy girl ironically made her home in the hydro electric meter housed in cement that stood at eye level.  I inched closer and closer for a better shot, but she was having none of it and glided away as if on a blanket of air.

I will have a drawing to show you next time as well as another installment of my favourite holiday shots.  A Happy Vernal Equinox to us all.



Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

That blue heron is gorgeous....a color unlike any I've seen on a live creature and certainly unlike any blue heron I've encountered here or in Florida! Thanks for sharing these delightful pictures. Isn't the weather amazing....I finally quit holding my breath, waiting for the weather to turn back to winter....I think spring is here to stay....trees in bloom and plants growing by inches a day! Happy Vernal Equinox to you Lorraine!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks so much Patti. It's so sweet to know someone cares to share the nature shots I love to take on vacation. It is cold, seasonably, once again and the budding plants seem to have simply stabilized; hopefully no damage done. I'll be checking in soon to see what's new with you.

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