Friday, 30 March 2012

Sunrise to sunset

Greetings from the Serengeti in Africa, whoops, I mean Costa Rica.
Yes, I have more in this series to show you of my wonderful stay by the ocean.

With the Pacific to my back I look to the east at sunrise.


The morning light casts its opalescent net onto the sea.


It is an exquisite time of colour.There is a sense that anything is possible.

And then, as the light lifts, the waves swell and come surging into shore.


Back at our casita (little house) the flowers and foliage play peek-a-boo with the pool.
The torpid heat finally caused me to lose my inhibitions and I went swimming for the first time in over 20 years... because I HAD to.  And the big surprise was that I liked it!

Afternoons were so hot that I tried to move as little as possible.  I began to explore a more intuitive kind of drawing and was surprised to see these old world women evolve,  so obviously the unconscious result of my having just finished reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez' "Love in the Time of Cholera", an epic tale set in Colombia, spanning almost a century.  It's similar landscape and ethnicities set a distinct overlay to my time in Spanish-speaking Costa Rica that made my experience of it that much richer. 

As often as we went to meet the sunrise- around 5:50 a.m.,
we came back to the same beach to watch the sun set- around 5:50 in the evening.
Sometimes we had to run because it sank so quickly.

The timelessness of a great sunset.  I never tire of it.


Karin Lynn Cumming said...

What great shots.....We have not as yet explored Costa Rica but it looks fabulous. We have just arrived home from the Mayan Riviera . We spend 6 weeks each year in a small little family friendly fishing village but are thinking we might like to explore your destination.....Have a relaxing holiday.....a change is great for the soul.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks so much Karin Lynn. It certainly was the change I needed. Experiencing myself from a different vantage has helped enormously to put perspective in place. I wouldn't have a thought so much prior to going, but I have a clarity since arriving home that has been so good for me. How wonderful to have a yearly retreat to return to; it must be so sweet to know it's coming.

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Lorraine...beautiful shots of Costa Rica....that tropical landscape reminds me of my life in Florida! Charming little drawing....and yes, always so interesting to relax into the process and see what your inner being makes visible! Delighted you had the experience and that it is continuing to enrich your days!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Patti, I'm always so charmed that you care to drop in and comment on my pictures and observations. It does one good to connect with my fellow artists even if I'm not up to speed creatively these days. Thanks so much.

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