Thursday, 6 June 2013

a late Sunday afternoon drive home

Yesterday I told you of our trip to Blomidon.
Blomidon is a derivation of the original "Blow Me Down"
 and as you can see the top of the mountain shows the hardened trees that have survived the high winds as we look South across the Bay of Fundy
 We are high enough that we appear to be almost level with this amazing Thundercloud
It is a steep slope as I watch Wally walk along the lower path. I'm afraid to think what's just beyond that rim of trees as the shoreline consists of such 90 degree cliffs.
The day was wearing on and so we only stopped for a short boo at the top of the park before heading back down the long winding road that takes us back to the valley.
 The day was a hot one, but as the sun sunk lower in the sky,
 a lovely haze lifted over this bucolic farm scene
We passed through broccoli country but because of the speed of the car, my pictures have become hazy along with the natural light, but I think that just adds to the romance of this time of day.
I do love a freshly ploughed field, probably already seeded but yet to show.

The quintessential Nova Scotia home, laundry on the line
Another old beauty enhanced by its many additions
Canning has some wonderful gingerbread classics, this one with its wraparound porch is so
winsome in the late afternoon light
a magical garden of lupins
Overgrown lilacs and honeysuckle et cetera barricade this old barn from the road

one of many beautiful garden vignette

Eventually we come to a main crossroad where this great old tree stands
and from there, it's a short drive home

not nearly so hot as when we left

Of course you can tell how much I am enjoying our new homeland.
The diversity and natural beauty capture the memory of my childhood in ways I didn't know still existed.  I feel my heart swell with gratitude, and hope there are things in your life that hold the same wonderment and beauty for you.


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