Wednesday, 5 June 2013

a surprise trip to Blomidon

Sunday was hot. It has certainly cooled off since then. But the heat was getting to us that day, so we went for a drive.
Soon we were nearing the coast, which isn't hard to do around here.
 This remarkable roadside home was worth a cruise-by.
Somehow we ended up on the road to Blomidon Provincial Park
lush farmfields open up the view to our destination
I suppose this is cape is considered the easternmost end of what they call the North Mountain that encompasses the Annapolis Valley. 
  Such a pretty drive in.
 As we come onto the beach we see it is at low tide.
 I wanted to put this shot in as a sepia, but had trouble for some reason. I just thought the people sitting in their chairs at this natural wonder had an Edwardian look about it.
 Playing volleyball on a beach isn't unusual except that within hours this area will all be under water.
I wasn't convinced that I could capture this shot of the little girl in her hot pink dress,
but Wally's imagination was caught and he took the camera to make this beautiful simple shot.

 Looking in the opposite direction we see the cliffs of sandstone.
 On and on they go
And behind us we leave a rushing creek that gushes into the sea

It rushes on over stone and sand as it finds its way over the long receding beach
To the right of it hangs a bower over lower sandstone cliffs
The river is slowed substantially as it finds its way to sea, feeding these lush sea plants that only exist here over the barren sand.
 And then, finally, the river finds the sea's edge, as we look out toward the Minas Basin
The ripples in the sand tell a story

So do this child's footprint that go in the same direction as the seagull's tracks

The happenstance of  "we seaweed three"

And a very odd footprint indeed
 This exquisite white crab waits for the sea to reclaim it
Two Mennonite women make their way to the water's edge
 A panorama of the fabulous Blomidon cliffs that rise up to 600 feet high
 and the fabulous long beach at  low tide.

And good-bye to the volleyball players

Wally couldn't have been happier.
Soon I will post the pictures from our drive home that was so quintessentially Nova Scotia that they are worth a posting of their own. Til then, be well, be happy, be grateful. There is beauty everywhere.



barbara@sparrowavenue said...

that last shot is a painting!
W.: paint it!

great shots, L
would love to do a road trip for the rest of my life: never come home

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you Barbara. I do play longer with my colour correcting to get the feeling I want to convey in the photographs so that they often do look more "arty".
If you really want to travel like that you can! Many people find a way to subsidize that lifestyle.

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