Friday, 2 August 2013

morning in heaven

There is nothing to compare to nature when she's kind...

The morning sun shines on our little garden, and the field beyond, and the South Mountain beyond that
Arugula gone to flower
Arugula flower up close
a fat five point zucchini blossom

Kale, up close and personal
violet bush bean flowers that open like snapdragons; some stand tall
and some stay close to the ground
whatever is this prehistoric looking plant?
Why, it's the bud of a marigold! If you're like me, we rarely give these wonderful exotics a closer look
the frilly and tufted open blossom of a marigold that stands guard for the tomatoes
On the back deck, a big pot of cherry tomatoes, ready to eat; this is my idea of fast food

a potbound pepper plant that never made it into the garden, but still produce this lovely pepper
you can still see it's blossom remains poking from it's tip
a pretty choir of teeny blossoms on a long stalk, up close
and an even teenier pot filler up close
a pale pink geranium

and what's this in our pot of yellow lilies! a prickly weed
with flowers so pretty before they turn to fluffies that fly away
Still intact, the handmade latch and peg to hold the deck gate closed
How wonderful it is to have these relics of a bygone era when people made what they needed
instead of going to the store. I am perfectly charmed! or shall I say, "enchanted".
the little garden next to the compost bin Wally made from wood pallets
the cilantro flowers, perfectly edible, that grow to the fore of this garden
and a close-up of the speedwell that grow to the right
Speedwell looks so fluffy but each "hair" is the petal of an individual blossom
the speedwell buds before they bloom
and looking down the centre of the speedwell blooms, you can still see the individuated blossoms

To the left of this little garden stands a lone Zinnia with about 5 buds lower down.
It stands so proud
What an exquisite arrangement of sepals and petals like a choreographers dream
Do you remember the June Taylor dancers from TV's Jackie Gleason Show?
The Zinnia from above with its fabulous spiral
I think I will dedicate these shots to the 2 most important "Z's" in my life :)
Zinnia O Zinnia

Dewdropped and Mottled
and another mottled leaf from a similar plant

an update on Midnight Lady who seems to be doing very well
 now that she's been moved out of the sunlight
a backlit flower pod from this same exotic plant
and from above
Yesterday morning, in the space of a few hours, the Oriental Lilies bloomed.
I should have had a slow motion camera on them for that it is pretty fast for such a big flower
And OH the perfume!
But be careful not to touch the stamens whose powder can stain clothes
Hmm... that means it would make a good dye...
My efforts of yesterday
(besides laundry, cleaning, etc.)
the weekend is almost upon us, a long one here in Canada.
Safe and happy times I say.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

what a lot of pictures!!

I wanted to leave a comment about the zucchini flower but that was so far back.

beautiful shots as always

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Yeah! I'm out of control LOL
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I started to write something then went to check photos and now it's gone! Had said that I paused at all photos but longer at some:the garden beside the composter- loved the contrast of textures; cilantro flower is exquisite; the latch and peg have stories to tell! the pepper; the kale-so lacy and lovely shades of green; close up of the arugula flower and the detail of the drops of moisture; your garden with the vista beyond; the C.Charlie vine and the stump; and the landscape with the swish of cloud that balances/contrasts with the longer of the rows of name a few. Thank you for taking the
time to post them. love, BB

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you Barbara B. Your enthusiasm always makes me beam :)

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