Friday, 9 August 2013

teach love

Such a sunny week it has been, and now, today, rain.
And that's good!
I have been having a hard think again about directions again.
I had such a lovely time with the Mermaid Circus online class that I enrolled in in April.
It came at a good time for me when I needed direction.  Mermaids seemed as good as anything to get me rolling. And rolling I did as you can tell from the past 4 months of mermaids projects I've worked on. Here is a painting I did in watercolour somewhat in the style of Jane Davenport's, one of the amazing teachers of Mermaid Circus, who has the gift for painting AND teaching.
"I dreamed a thousand paths...I woke and walked my own." CHINESE PROVERB
I can see, though, that I've fallen into a "pretty" rut, which isn't a bad thing.  It just isn't giving me the substance that I require.  Playing with pretty scrapbooking papers is a pleasant pastime

and exploring different styles of drawing intrigues me
But I keep finding myself pushing at my boundaries,
Trying to make watercolour behave like oils or acrylics,
Wishing to go deeper, wider, higher...
I will be taking a break over the next little while to pull together some unfinished projects like my studio, the garden and yard, and MY HOUSE! In 7 days we will be celebrating our first anniversary in the house and there is still so much to do around here. Please wish me luck as I do you in all your journeys and remember to...
teach love for that is what you are.

                                                                                                                            George Elliot 


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

I could be way off, but that last one reminds me of Frida Khalo somehow...the intensity of colour and/or eyes
fantastic use of water colour!!!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks Barbara. What a HUGE compliment.

the woolly dog said...

Here we are 13 days later and it just happens to be raining today, after all the heat... you aren't the only one feeling in a rut, or perhaps it's a feeling of waiting for something I don't know, but there's definitely something in the air that's making a lot of us restless.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you for visiting woolly dog. I think there may be something to the sense of summer ending that inhabits our psyche. Your post today about taking your treasure box of "jewels" to school speaks to my ingrained memory of school about to start again, at least here in North America, and the anticipation draws us out of this precious moment.

Elise Somers said...

I wish you luck.
Luck in this new journey.
You have been on a distinct artistic journey througout this last year. Celebrating with loving care your new home, self and surroundings. Your work is full of beauty, depth, rich color. You have gracefully honored the beauty of your new surroundings. thank you for your attentive, and caring work . You have created Much beauty of the past moments of this last year.
Happy 1st year celebration.
I wish you continuity of love, kindness, and foremost the best possible health for you and your loved ones, so you can further explore and celebrate the growth of uplifting new challenges of creative play.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Elise dear, my cup runneth over. Thank you for these most generous acknowledgements and wishes. My wish is that we should all be so lucky to live in a world of "love, kindness and possible health" so that we may "further explore and celebrate the growth of uplifting new challenges of creative play" and return ourselves to a state of grace every day. Thank you for your own inspiration as you continue to create beauty out of your own rich spirit Peace.

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