Wednesday, 20 November 2013

a pale November sky

It's been trying to snow. That makes me happy.
There is a spot in my heart for the first snow. There are so many false starts here that I get to savour that feeling a few times...

The following pictures are from the book I have been playing in or "altering":

weaving and cutting out
more weaving with stitching
 and then some freehand embroidery with a stamp on the gessoed text
the back of the same embroidered page with a blurry stamp that I gessoed over
and a facing page, gessoed as well, waiting for inspiration
embroidering an older piece that I abandoned last winter
as I wait for the gesso to dry and more inspiration to come
Quiet, reflective work
a crow flies by the bare branches of the ash tree
a pale November sky
I smile for you


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

love the embroidery and stamp work!!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks Barbara! It's been interesting to have one sequence build on another.

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