Tuesday, 26 November 2013

soft and hard edges

Since these next few pictures were taken, we've had a bit of snow, just a bit.

It was so nice to see the morning sun rising that I ran out to catch these shots.
 The glare created a metaphorically pink bubble on the lens which I thought was rather fitting for the state of mind I was in.
Turning, I could see the silhouette of our property in shadow across the street,
 garage on the left, house on the right, and the chimney of Forget-Me-Not Cabin in the middle
The next day brought the clouds that would bring the snow.
the roiling sky.
I'm still working on an embroidery in thread on paper in my altered book that I started last week with a day off yesterday. Today will be day 5 and I must say, I'm ready to move on, but won't until I've tied up...a few loose ends. Oh those puns keep coming. I've got so many ideas I'd like to jump into. But this piece needs some attention before I abandon it altogether. I seem to get into these endless projects sometimes. They usually happen when I jump in without much direction, hoping somehow they'll come together, but often have inherent problems like the fact that this is way out of my comfort zone with the geometrics and hard edges.
Day 2
I'll show you more soon


Keeping peace in our hearts,
I wish you love


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

that first picture looks like something from Dorothy with the bird house on such an angle, I thought you were going to start talking/writing about the wind!
Well, and the pink bubble: isn't that the Good Witch From the North??

No wind? No Good Witch?

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

You're so funny. Actually I don't think the birdhouses have shifted an inch since we first found this place a year and a half ago, and my goodness, we DO have wind here.
I'll keep looking for that Good Witch of the North :)

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