Friday, 27 December 2013

a holiday greeting

What do you see in the magic of Christmas?
For me, there must always be the message of Peace.
This comes in many different packages. For some it's giving, for some it's family. Friends, fellowship, kindness, reaching out. Always there is a sense of communion, of connection with what matters. It can be a very quiet time, and yet there is a sense of magic in the air.
Our great joy this Christmas was in giving our kitten a home, a place of sanctuary.
A piece of gift wrap is enough to amuse this little fellow.
But, by far, his favourite toy was a box full of paper. Muji looks on.
Back in the Box!
Everything is more beautiful in the snow.  The hypnotic tangle of branches out our back window suddenly has depth for its white delineation.
There's no denying the ethereal beauty. 
 The gently falling snow over the hayfield was a bonus.
The subtle colour amidst the white is truly otherworldly,
turning the landscape to a dreamscape. 
The ice has reduced the Hydrangea to a graphic scribble punctuated with golden flower heads. 
While Prince Muji naps, on the Sea of Dreamland
Yes, it could be Christmas everyday, for it is only a state of mind that we carry with us.
Look around at the potential for peace, beauty and giving. It is everywhere.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

the hayfields are a wonderful scene
Wally: you must paint this!!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks Barbara. I will pass your message on :)

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