Tuesday, 31 December 2013

last message for 2013

We are hovering on the brink of a new year. The night has fallen.
It is quiet here in the house as I write, but soon the party of hors d'oeuvres with Wally will start,
a party of two.  I never take this gift of peace in my life for granted.

Let's find a way to bring a little Christmas into our lives each day this year to come.
Here's a little Muji New Year's Eve kiss for you!
and a wish for love and joy,
Peace and best choices for health
in our body, mind and spirit.
All You Need To Know


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo of you! I marvel at how you create stunning little spaces, like the Christmas one pictured. It is a wonderful gift that produces fascinating/interesting/beautiful visuals. I wish you a year of contentment, peace and joy, along with good health, new adventures and all your heart desires. love...

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

As my Dad would say, " I shall speak with you Anon". Thank you kindly for your compliments and good wishes. I'm guessing I know who you are!

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