Monday, 17 March 2014

cats in repose

From a bright cold day here in Nova Scotia, all is quiet, I mean except for the dryer marching to its own drummer.  I thought this might be as good a day as any to share some pictures of the little ones in various stages of repose.

Here I came upon an unusual scene and woke the two with my efforts to capture it.
It wasn't enough to disturb them from their snooze
Another day I found them like this
Muji seems to be taking the upper hand despite
Babu generally being the provocateur.
It pleases me to see them getting on so well together for their early days together sometimes frightened me with their primal play of pretend killing.

Here Muji does his impression of a box.
and here Babu has passed out from another round of frantic play
I've been sorting and editing my collection of art supplies, hence very little art these days. It's a job I've been dabbling at since the move, but am taking more seriously lately. Maybe these longer days are providing the incentive. Anyway, the ideas are percolating and I hope to have something to share with you soon.
wishing you a pleasant change of seasons as that time approaches


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