Saturday, 1 March 2014

Gaspereau Valley trip part II

 As you may already know, I am a huge animal lover... from afar. It is a whole other thing to keep such creatures in terms of cost and energy. So I love them from afar, appreciating their incredibly charged, innate beauty and otherness. Fellow sentient creatures evolved to walk the earth with us.
and who is this?


here's a little guy come looking for treats
doing his goatie "I'll try anything once"

dear little goatie smile
Oh! and what's this??
these little goats shocked poor me by fighting right in front of me!
Like a baseball pitcher or a WWF wrestler, the goat on the left winds up for the attack.
Ouf! enough for little old me, and besides I'm so cold my fingers are burning;
 no woolly coat on me,  so back in the car.
and off to more peaceful climes as we travel along the Black River
wild rose hips along the bank
The Black River must join the Gaspereau River somewhere 
but we always seem to wander without a map.
This is only the 2nd time we've come to this bridge over-looking the Black River
You can see the road to the north from whence we came, where the high ravine gave the 1st hydro dam along the Black River its name: Hell's Gate!
 here the Lumsden hydro plant stands just below me.
the sketchy rose hips behind
framed by the forested shoreline
Then it's on up the road as evening falls, to catch the light at a favourite place we found last year
this is another crossing of the Black River further to the south, in fact upriver
this is a favourite place for me
it never fails to please
the quiet is, well, qui-i-i-et
the fading light only adds to the deep mystery of this wondrous place
can you hear it?
just the faint
of the evening breeze through the trees
and behind me, to the south
along the ice and snow of the riverbank
weasel tracks!
and some up close as she ran along the road
and with the light, we leave this mystical setting that cleansed my soul
but not without one further treat as we ventured down the road-
an eagle, a female by the water's edge, trees reflected in its calm flow.
thank you for sharing this time with me 


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

"...the only other sound's
the sweep
of easy wind
and frosty flake.

the woods are lovely
dark and deep
by I have promises to keep
and miles to go before I sleep..." R.Frost

beautiful pictures as always
can't wait for a drive

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