Thursday, 24 July 2014

flower time

We thought we would have our lilies blooming in early June, but they're only just showing signs that they are ready to pop.

 In the meantime our flower pots are quite lush with petunias and lobelia, and more but,
 you know me, I'm always forgetting the names.

It's usually too hot to sit here on the back deck til the shade comes round late afternoon.
That's when a bowl of finger picking fruit, a glass of cold tisane and a pleasant read are perfection.

As one leaves the back porch there is a small garden on the southeast side of Wally's homemade composter where the echinacea we though we'd lost in the hurricane 2 weeks ago has survived.

How fascinated I always am by the fibonacci spiral that is so easily seen in the seed head of the famous coneflower (echinacea)

Image result for fibonacci 
This image is borrowed from Wikipedia where it clearly shows the simple formula for making a spiral:
3+5=8  8+5=13  13+8=21 and so on
Even I, who suffers around numbers, understands this as each successive square is the size of the combined squares that precede it, the spiral arc-ing to the opposite corner.

Even the bud begins to unfurl sequentially along the spiral.

Each bud is on a different timeline

All on the same plant, this coneflower even has petals that are spiralled and ready to unfurl.

I was so thrilled to see these nearly black hollyhocks bloom

Each is dusted with its own pollen

Hollyhock buds

and finally, cherry tomatoes taking their sweet time to blush

Four little maids in a row

It is raining like the dickens today. With thunder and lightning too!
The plants are loving it.


Elise Somers said...

Gorgeous post Lorraine!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Hey Elise! Thanks!

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