Sunday, 27 July 2014

Halifax Public Gardens chapter two

Thank you for joining me again for this most lovely day in the gardens last week.

As I mentioned last time I was quite taken with the great old trees.

The gardens were varied and lush

Behind a fence two geese were very busy preening

moulting I suspect, certainly indifferent to us

downy feathers all about

much more handsome for their efforts

Such a serene setting for the bandshell 

And again a massive tree nearby

the base of which was SO expansive

the path took us over a little bridge with a babbling brook on one side

easing into a placid stream on the other side, with another of those model buildings I mentioned last time;
this house about 2 feet long and just as high

the plants started getting more exotic

this "fruit(?)" looking like an artichoke

It is the tree on the left, rising about 15 feet high

Wouldn't you think  these aloe-looking plants were quite small?

until you see Wally beside them? I think they may be agave.

 Again, I find myself with so many pictures that I will have to make yet another chapter to this lovely day's outing, so...

to be continued...

until then, 


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