Friday, 29 August 2014

Charcoal Portrait of a Child

Hi again. It is a cool windy day here in the Annapolis Valley, refreshing after last night's rain.
At long last, I am feeling my creative connection to myself.

This drawing, Charcoal Portrait of a Child, (12"x 18") or (168cm x252cm) feels like me.
It's hard to explain how we feel connected to some work  and others feel like a sham, like we're trying too hard. I've been thinking about a lot of elements that appeal to me and how to combine them.  In this portrait, I wanted to pursue my thoughts about soft edges.

Just for fun I tinted this detail in sepia, closer to the spirit I am going for.

Bathtime for Muji after breakfast this morning.

Peace starts at home with friendship with one's self, 
but culminates by releasing the self.

Have a lovely last weekend of August. Good things are around the corner. 
But great things are happening right now.


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