Wednesday, 8 April 2015

the light of knowledge and compassion

Oh my. As I add it up, I realize it's been 19 days since my last blog post.
There have been a few curve balls thrown our way or, as the Universe might say, some wake up calls.

Back in March we didn't know

that Muji was brewing crystals in his urinary tract, not uncommon in male cats.
We also didn't know that it was the fish formula food that we had changed over to that was causing the wrong PH in his urine. Already challenged with the injuries he had sustained before we adopted him, he was more vulnerable than Babu. After a difficult week, and many hundreds of dollars later, Muji is back to normal. We are lucky we didn't lose him.
That's Babu's nose tucked close to the crook of his elbow as he straddles Muji lovingly
 prior to Muji's illness.

Muji, first day home after 2 days away, in sleeping pose #1

Muji, sleeping pose #2

Muji, sleeping pose #3, also known as Flying Away to Dreamland

Sweet Dreams dear boy

This morning the boys find me checking out my new studio,
 shots of which I will share with you soon.  Curiosity trumps sleeping

Muji on the stairs

Babu flies to the top of the stairs, ever the athlete

The view from the top of the stairs.
Wally still has to stop and get out of the car to see over the snow bank
so he can pull safely out of the driveway.

It is almost balmy out. Do you see the feral cat tracks in the snow?  
They are stinking up our property as they maintain their program to mark anything they can

 A ratta-tatta-tatta-tat pulled me from my chair to chase a woodpecker, or more likely the flicker, from damaging our roof - shades of the old days in Muskoka when a woodpecker would come yearly to announce the spring (more likely his territory) on our steel chimney.
I still remember with giggles, Wally in his pajamas, waving the plastic owl at a huge pileated  woodpecker in a frantic, sleep-sodden, useless attempt to scare the him away

A startling bright landscape, through the glare on the back window this morning, 
 as Forget-Me-Not Cabin rises slowly into view.

To the east, through the hedge, now border of California Maples and lilacs, 
to the neighbour's back yard. 

Babu and Muji taking in some sun.

Thank you for hanging in there and visiting here again. 
Wally is on my case to get back to creating. I'm overdue. The job at hand is to sort through my new messy studio.  After exploring the minimalism aesthetic and its emotional benefits, (see the 2 videos in my post of March 17 ) I will be removing the duplication in my studio to the basement so that my new space, and I,  can breathe.

sending you my wishes for light and compassion for others and yourself 


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

cats don't like citrus, so where ever they are spray, spray back with citrus smelling stuff.
glad to hear Muji's feeling better.
looking forward to seeing the new studio
belated b-day greetings to W.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks Barbara for the advice and good wishes.

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