Friday, 24 April 2015


Transitions can be hard. Spring, the quintessential time of rebirth, is so welcome and so starkly transitional from the harshness of winter. One would think the slide into warmer weather, seedlings started and birds singing would be easy. On some days, when I'm hanging the laundry out in the temperate breeze and the starlings are cooing and gurgling in the big ash tree, I feel the kindness and love well up in me.  As with all things, it is what we carry inside that makes our lives easy or difficult, for life will always be throwing those curve balls, and it's how we learn to catch or dodge them that makes all the difference.

Babu watches me from across the table.
 He is at turns wild, like a squirrel in the house running from me and ducking my touch,  then loving and cuddly and purr-y.
On a late afternoon, a week or so ago, the sun-tipped  tops of the trees between Forget-Me-Not Cabin and our little birdhouse glowed as the sun went down.
You can see that we lost one of our bird houses and still haven't straightened the other. 

The sun fades away so quickly.

The next evening I caught Muji avidly listening to something; it was a mouse in the wall. Yikes.

Muji so happily reposed. Usually I put on an apron to hold him as he has angora-like fur that gets onto everything. He is doing much better now on his therapeutic diet and finally finished his anti-biotics and pain medication. I am determined to move him and Babu to a cooked diet that would entail bagging and freezing individual portions as Muji's illness cost him much physical and emotional duress...and us the worry and a pretty penny.

This morning as the garden (and the bench) emerge and the snow recedes

a little owl emerged in this doodle

I hope you are having a pleasant transition into your next season. It is 5 weeks now since the spring equinox, the interim rolling us topsy-turvy. I am looking forward to carving out a space in my new studio.  As with most tidying, it gets worse before it gets better as I sort through  what is necessary to the space, what needs storing and what can be tossed.  Some people are very agenda-oriented and get much done so efficiently while the rest of us wade through the memories and emotions to get 'er done. I can only wish you patience, the kind that comes through accepting your personal flow.

All in good time. 

Or, as I read recently,
"You can't have it all. Where would you put it?" 


Jess said...

I love your last quote, you can't have it all, where would you put it! Something to think about. Beautiful scenery, stunning. Have a lovely weekend. :)
Jess x

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you for visiting Jess and for your kind response.

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