Wednesday, 13 May 2015

spring tidings

Spring unfolds her sprites, the budding delights...

I stepped out into the yard last week and was startled by this froggy ornament that Wally placed in the flower garden by the steps.  I had to laugh.

Yesterday evening Wally told me about a stone that lay in the centre of some newly sprouting bulbs that he went to pluck out, figuring it had been thrown into the bed by the snow blower..
He realized there were others in the centre of each of these plants,
Very firm, though not quite stoney, we are curious to see what comes of these purplish buds..

Wally had to tie a splint to some broken branches of the Japanese Maple.
And here I thought it was so well protected, buried to the top in snow, but apparently there was enough weight on the branches that it caused some to break. The splinted branches are budding, beautifully, so we're reassured that their integrity is intact. Amazing!

Just behind the Japanese Maple lays a huge piece of driftwood we brought home from our walk cum scavenging on Spring Clean-up eve. To the right, some daffodils are about to bloom.

a tour around the yard brought me to the grapevine bed where some purple hyacinths are blooming.
Too bad my camera doesn't like purple, for they are a yummy shade.

Try as I might, I couldn't bring the purple colour up. 
Now I see that I must get at the sheep sorrel that is taking over the bed.

Beyond the grapevines is the bordering hedge of lilacs that Wally pruned back in the fall.
The pruning is going to bring in a bumper crop of lilacs. More purple
. I can already smell them in my mind's nose.

You must understand that while I am roaming the garden, there are all kinds of bird calls accompanying me.
A dear warbling sparrow comes to the trellis by our composter (where, by the way, the clematis and the hollyhocks are looking strong)  and sings its sweet song for us.
 Here, a crow in the neighbouring cherry tree announces her presence.

Back to the herb garden by the back stairs, the chives have taken off first, but no blooms yet.
Here are lemon thyme.

Another score on our Spring Clean-up walk, a resin cupid stroking a dove now sits in one of the gardens.  I didn't notice his third leg until I took this picture.  Obviously his companion flew away awfully quickly.

The garlic is the first thing up in the vegetable garden, planted last fall.

And out back, the hayfield greening.

Now it is about half an hour later and the colours grow richer in the humid fading light. 
The budding maple tree in the far corner of the yard, the white garbed peach tree in front of it.

the garden at last light 

Now it is a new day, still overcast and hinting at rain.

Babu makes plaintive mews for his breakfast.

He has learned to tap my arm to remind me. We are slowly learning each others language.
Interestingly enough, he has learned what "Quiet" means unlike my dear Muji, who belabours me with his Siamese demands.

Almost noon here and still no breakfast for moi, so I leave you with kind wishes for a sweet day.
peace, love and kindness to all 


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