Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Of course it isn't sudden, but when one is preoccupied with other things and casually looks up-
there it is!
The neighbour's cherry tree in full blossom

the munificence of just one branch

and closer

the lavish beauty in numbers, even the starbursts of stamens

 Only one tulip survives the deer who don't like daffodils.

Like girls in their frilly yellow dresses twirling at the ball.

Over in the front yard by the driveway, where the sun is strongest, the forget-me-nots are in bloom.
These had a strong pull on my heart-strings when we first found the house.

They are sheltered from the road by the privet hedge behind them. 
Even though the grass is getting high, we never mow until the forget-me-nots are done.

How I love the dear-hearted forget-me-nots

Walking back to the backyard, I pass the herb garden where the chives are about to bloom..

a delicate appearing, but quite hardy chive bud

The neighbour on the other side protects his tulips with an electric fence..
His car appears just as overwhelmed with tulips as it did in the snow only a few months ago.

An accidental shot. You know how awful they usually are,
This one peers through the lilacs and new California maple leaves to the tree trunks that border the back of the neighbour's yard. So? you might ask. I see the magic of a jungle in their depth.

A surprise frond of white lilacs that have revealed themselves from Wally's pruning last fall. 
Isn't that cool? It's like the ness of honeysuckle vines that I began to tear out 2 years ago that revealed a hidden blossom thus saving it from further ravage.. I must train it this year. It explains the wrecked trellis I found buried around it.

The hayfield and the trees beyond are filling in.

Then back around forget-me-not cabin, past the door with its padlock still protected by an ancient flap of leather left from the past owners.

Along the part of the cabin facing the garden with the cherry tree glimpsed to the right. 
We are torn as to whether to repaint the funky old colour on the garage doors or update. 
Change can be so hard for sentimental folk like us.

And here, a parting shot of a surprise single blossom at the end of a very long skinny stem.

We have been so lucky to have a long spring this year. The weather is temperate with surprisingly little rain. That can't last. Soon the summer heat will be upon us here in what is known as Nova Scotia's Hell's Kitchen, the intense heat and humidity that grows the grapes and other produce that the Annapolis Valley is famous for..

Peaceful times. Focus pulled up close and present. Kindness in all choices.

We hold a smile in our hearts.


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