Wednesday, 21 December 2016

winter solstice

It's already afternoon as I finish colour correcting, fine tuning and editing this latest batch of

Muji during his morning nap beside me

Babu woke from his as I went to take his picture and wouldn't look at me in his, well, catness

Finally, he turned and talked to me as I talked to him and he rolled on his towel for a cuddle

Considering it started out raining this morning, then furiously snowing, this is what the day turned into within an hour of all that! I suppose I should be grateful that the burning that is going on for a second day, probably over at the Agricultural Centre, never blows our way but, boy, I hate to see the pollution.

Two evenings ago, Muji turned my large twist tie rolling session into a game as he sneaked up on my chair behind me as I stood at the kitchen counter.

Somewhat far-sighted, Muji has trouble focussing

But Babu doesn't

Not to be outdone, Muji takes a swipe

Babu wants a piece of the action

He's gotta have it!

From any which angle!

Muji has to put up with this stuff

As crazed little Babu goes for the kill

a cat on a mission

Finally Muji gets another shot.
Yes, you've probably noticed by now that Muji doesn't move too much.
Even on the floor he does a couple of surprisingly fierce bats at a dangly toy, then loses interest.
Even when he runs, he runs like a toy bunny. I marvel at what a poor predator he'd make out on his own. Oh, geez, now he's looking over my head as I write this. I look but there's nothing there. Or so I think.
 At least I don't get freaked out by this like I used to 😱 well, maybe just a little....

Taking advantage of his suddenly playful mood, I continued to tease him

holding his attention much longer than usual

Til he made one last lunge: Muji the Mighty Hunter

Seizing his Quarry from his armchair

Then he decided to turn around and try the game backwards

How I indulge my generally sober Muji

who rarely shows a sense of humour

Babu takes one last fling before I carry on making supper

Before bed I chanced on Jack Frost playing on the windows of our covered porch

his own game with the Christmas lights outside.

and now for lunch as the day quickly marches on
the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere!

a good time to reflect on what we have learned and
 set some positive intentions as the natural year winds down


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