Friday, 9 December 2016


Good Morning on a new day, a fresh page-

what a wonderful scene to wake up to

the bowed hydrangeas with the little Harelson apple tree just beyond

How grateful we are for something rural to look out onto

The little maple that we toy with removing looks spectacular backlit with snow

Muji has a hard time waking up

but a good yawn should do it

and there he is

Babu gives me his love face. He has no trouble waking this bright winter morning.

On another bright morning- so rare- I held my hand up to the light

It turned out that the key jammed in the lock. Thankfully, our problems are little ones.
Wally takes care of the fixer up details while I'm on domestic duty.
Here he works on the skeleton key lock.  We love these old mechanicals that make this house so homey.  Ultimately it only needed a new key which he found in a lock upstairs.
Sometimes the answers are easier than we think.

While he worked on the lock I found the boys in backwards parentheses on the bed.
Sometimes Muji only somewhat makes it on the towel.

A rare case of Babu not moving. He makes a fine bracket.

Muji is too cute and often reminds me of a bunny.

We've been gearing up for Christmas. Every time I dust I dismantle the mantle.
I took a picture this time to remember how I had displayed.

Wally loves his headlamp for fixing things. A friend of mine suggested it as a present for him and it's been a go-to for a myriad of things. Notice something else?
Wally prefers to work on the floor. He has camping in his blood.

Muji helped Wally for a bit and then jumped onto the chair for some loving.

On another morning Babu caught me looking at him

and spoke to me.

Hoping all your troubles are little ones.
One trick for minimizing pain is to focus on it. We have a tendency to distract ourselves,
but it actually works to reduce pain by putting our attention onto the point from which it emits in our bodies. This is an extension of meditation practice.

This can be a tricky time of year.
stay in your light


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