Friday, 31 March 2017

month's end

It is late Friday afternoon, the weekend nearly upon us.
It is what I call a "white sky day", rather non-descript, a light breeze, about 1 degree Centigrade with a slow melt starting.

Tracks show the activity of the cats in the snow last night
In our outing last night I came upon these awkwardly shaped blocks of French soap on sale.
500 grams and 300 grams ( approximately 1 pound and a little over 1/2 pound)
I'm so afraid I'm going to drop one on my foot in the shower and wonder if there's a way I can slice them thinner with - a hot knife??
Apart from the charming stamps, different on each side, I was particularly taken with the corvette ship (considered to be the smallest class of warship) on the one on the right.

This green one has the more dense smell of typical olive oil soaps.

Huile D'Olive is Olive Oil.
Cuit au chaudron means cooked in the cauldron

Babu has been very athletic lately. Maybe it's because spring is the air.
He sure is springing- over chairs, boxes, even Muji. He's full of beans!
Here he watches Muji entering the room; you can just imagine what is going through his little head.

I have added another fountain pen drawing to my latest little sketchbook with
Gold Sharpie paint pen for embellishments. I have been adding coloured pencil since I took this picture. I will show you my progress next time.

Goodbye March. Welcome April!
A sweet weekend to you all, dear viewers.


Jeanne-Sylvie said...

Soap of Marseille!! One of my favorite products!And you found the real ones! I remember signing a petition last year to save the original recipe when greedy companies wanted to change it to make cheaper soaps and keep the name "soap of Marseille" on low quality soaps. I am glad to say they didn't win! I love the smell of it and I use it not only under the shower but i make my own laundry soap with it. I buy several pieces and let them dry in a closet, they last longer when dry. About cutting them, i acknowledge i am so used to their format that i never tried but perhaps a piece of metal wire would be efficient?Like the one used to cut earth when you make pottery.
I hope you are doing well my dear, peace on you.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Oh, I didn't know the politics behind the product. I'm a fan of a quality, non-scented product but often cannot afford them. I'd been watching these on the shelf of our local fashion/home accessory remainder outlet until they became too banged up even for their reduced price, and so, reduced once again, I snatched them up. I'm learning to handle the smaller one so that it doesn't fall and break my toe. yikes.
So far I'm making my laundry detergent with non-scented liquid soap against the advice of most recipes, borax and washing soda (sodium carbonate). My special trick is to spot with dish detergent for a quick presoak.

It tickles me that we have so much in common. I send you my wish for a pleasant weekend my dear.

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