Monday, 6 March 2017

spring is a-comin' in

It's been a month now that I've been hearing about Spring in Great Britain, wondering what that would be like in February.

We've had a good dose of it ourselves with torrential rain and balmy, above freezing temperatures.

Our garden bench began to resurface as did the bits of kale that went under last month.
I spy more cat tracks that traverse our yard.

The Hens and Chickens seem to have multiplied

and the deer, too, numbering five now, these two just beyond our laundry line.

After a couple of weeks of rather balmy weather, the temperatures plummeted.
But it's only a matter of time...

Tick                                                      Tock

I've got my boys to keep me company

Aqua Eyes

Muji in a particularly loving mood

about to crawl right up onto my shoulder; he can't get close enough

The deer showed up 3 days later

See what I mean about what the warm temperatures wrought 

And though slower to melt in our backyard, the bench appears to rise out of the snow

Occasionally Wally gets a weekday to work on the house. Right now he's outfitting the closet that he's rebuilt, drywalled, floored and primed, with different level rods and a shoe tower.
It's like building a mini room.

We usually get a high five from Muji when our backs are to him as we face the kitchen counter.

Last night Wally called me to catch a glimpse of the deer out back

Wary of intruders,

they begin to move toward cover in the ravine

Before long I was calling Wally to come check out the rosy glow in the southern sky

before we returned to preparing our supper

and yes, I've been trying my hand at my new supplies.
I've laid down a mess of dye ink on both pages but the one on the left got a smattering of torn tissue and napkins, overlaid with liquid matte medium, a reworkable surface which is what I'll definitely do, taming this busy surface with some gesso, etc.
 To be continued...

Almost a week into March, I will try to check in sooner next time. Til then, wishing us

the courage and the presence of mind to be kind

starting with ourselves


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