Monday, 20 September 2010

bracebridge fall fair 2010

Yesterday was a glorious day for the Bracebridge Fall Fair.   I can hardly begin to tell you what joy I got from being there.  There are so many pictures I would show you but I have reduced them to a few favourites:

           Wally said I was like a little kid enjoying it all so much...

  I couldn't wipe the smile from my face.

First we saw the bunnies.

This little girl set the tone for the whole day rejoicing as I did.

She was so excited to see real bunnies that she clutched her own bunny to her with great glee.

The cows

 the pigs

 the goats

the geese

the fantail pigeon hiding behind his chest

Marcel, a 4 year old Percheron,  made shy with me.   I imagined I could see a knight riding him probably because I just finished reading the story of  " Tristan and Iseult ".  Percherons were, indeed,  knights' steeds because they could carry the weight of a knight in armour.

Magnificent Clydesdales nap leaning their heads into the trailer while their handlers take care of the details.

This little girl reminded me of my own love of horses throughout my childhood as she rode her magical steed.  See the delight in her face?

Is it my imagination or does every little girl love horses?

or not

And then there are the little boys who can make their fun with anything.

I loved it all

I love these exquisite potatoes

and these jolly little beets with their top hats

and this most amazing kohlrabi that Wally says looks like a tropical fish.

We couldn't have had a better time.
  Wally said this pioneer cabin is about the size of the one he built for himself.
  He gestures about  'here'  where he built his sleeping loft.  Oooh, I'm so jealous!

By contrast the midway was noisy and exciting with all the exotic smells of a carnival:
candy floss and deep fried doughnuts,
 poutine (the classic Canadian treat of french fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy...YUM!)

  and an old childhood favourite:

A crazy joyous day of  Fall Fair fun complete with a country/gospel band and juggling and  encounters with old friends and acquaintances and chats with grizzled farmers and a blacksmith whose accent could pass for Charlie Farquarson's ( the Parry Sound sage alter ego of comic Don Herron).  We saw tandem teams of draught horses striding in unison, and a mixed bag of horses and riders, experienced and not, racing around pails and back across the finish line.  I patted a docile bull and delighted in watching the geese drink by raising their heads to swallow.  I watched the sheep farmer spin wool and saw the firemen race each other up a spiral ladder.......   
                                                                             and so much more....

Of course, you probably had to be there.....

 I hope you got a vicarious taste of my lovely day.

All good wishes for magical days of your own.


Elise Muller said...

Great fun! My fave is the photo of the goats....and the kohlrabi. Thanks I feel as if I had been there!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Oh, I'm so glad you feel that way; thank-you for saying so.

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

what amazing pictures!
can I borrow some? p l e a s e

Enchanted Blue Planet said...


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