Thursday, 30 September 2010

september painting and tapestry


                                        A little painting blossomed out of this past weekend.

I took a one day workshop in acrylics at the Haliburton School of the Arts with Debra Jackson to get me started again as I have been away from acrylics, and more especially oils, for too many years.

The next day I visited local artists Wendy Moses, famous for her wildly coloured abstracted flower paintings in acrylic and Pat Fairhead, known for her traditional watercolour landscapes that are becoming more and more abstracted, as they displayed their work on our local artists' studio tour.  It was great to see these 2 wonderful artists in their environs;  very inspiring.

All good wishes to those of you who have neglected their joy for fear of getting started.
We must embrace our so-called mistakes as stepping stones to future rewards.


It has been a difficult blogging week for many as Google sorts through their improvements that end up complicating things for those of us who were already struggling with this wonderful gift.  But I'm one of the lucky ones who has a "techy" in the family and...

So, a little late, a little out of order, I now offer you my pictures and thoughts once again.

These next shots were taken on September 19, a precious week of nature's beauty, bittersweet in its ephemeral way, every day a difference however subtle.

                                One last hurrah from the mushroom world;  this is the biggest one yet!

And I know this is insane that I should continue to feature mushrooms but I find myself in the midst of mushroom heaven and never knew it til I wandered, senses heightened, with the camera.
This crinolined beauty has fallen over and shown her exquisite secret.

Everywhere a tapestry

I'm drunk on the beauty

So, need I say that I'm happy to be back to this wonderful creative outlet.   I hope you are having a wonderful autumn.  Good-bye September.


Elise Muller said...

The painting of the little girl is so precious. She looks like my niece Olivia with those blonde curls. Very sweet. I'm glad you took a workshop that is such an important, rejuvenating thing to do!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks Elise. It's true; we must test our mettle to stay fresh, to grow, to know what we are made of.

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