Thursday, 28 October 2010

grey watercolour days

These grey days of late October still hold some surprises if one only stops and looks a little closer.

At first glance I thought this shot was of the trees reflected in our little creek
 until I remembered that it was a closeup of a tree trunk.  I fooled myself!

Yes, the colours are more subdued... muted.... but the palette is simply more sophisticated.

Yet there is brilliance right underfoot in these starbursts of moss.

And the wild strawberry leaves make still another tapestry.

Golden flies gather sustenance from wild asters; even they become focal points of beauty.

Yes, these grey days do add a depth of colour that make our late-blooming chrysanthemums and dill glow.

And so, a little muted myself, pulling colour off the dried edges of a used water container,
I salvage enough for this dazed little lady, and find the next day that she is the inspiration
 for some new work in fabric and stitch that I will show you next time.

Look for the subtle message in the greyest days.
 It may lay muted but its glowing ember can turn into a fire.



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