Friday, 1 October 2010

October the First

October the First
and still playing catch-up from September with a few more of my favourite memories:

I spent  a little time with this dear toad as I came in closer and closer to him.
We often find toads around our house.  Last year one continued to hop the length of our long deck and climb into a flower pot to wait out the heat of the day.  I would continually take him back to the cool garden where he would be much happier, funny little guy.

One of our giant maples

Another tapestry that is already waning in brilliance as this season brings its wind and rain, all too brief.

I actually like the soft edges of this woodland still life.  There are so many times my inexpertise works in serendipitous ways that I couldn't have done on purpose, making a watercolour effect in spite of my initial intention.  Don't you love it when life hands you something greater than you imagined for yourself?

Let's be open to more happy surprises!


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