Tuesday, 15 February 2011

love overcomes indifference

Finally a morning without a cloud in the sky. 
The house as been "cracking"  (contractions that make loud banging noises)  in various parts through the night due to the extreme cold;  a sunny day will be most welcome, not only for the passive solar heat,  but for that much starved pineal gland  (on the top of the head)  that loves the sun!

Queen of Hearts - a monotype

Here is a monotype experiment I've been working on in acrylic polymer emulsion that Liquitex sells as 'Ink!'.  It works as a cross between ink and watercolour.  I am very excited about the possibilites and so will contine to explore them.

Also, a big welcome to my old friend and new follower, Mark Mandelbaum.
I love the surprise of seeing who drops in to read this blog.  Thank-you so much silent followers for caring to visit.  So cool.  Please do comment though; it helps me to feel connected to the relevance of what I'm doing here. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

As oil rises over water,
And cream rises to the top,
so love overcomes indifference.

(inspired by Elie Wiesel)


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

in the foundry, dross rises to the top which, of course, alludes to top-heavy corporations and institutions. I suppose it could also be applied to certain countries that are in turmoil right now.
Am i getting ahead of myself?
am i spoiling the nice sentiment?

or is it yin/yang?

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Yes, I see the yin/yang, the positive/negative; one doesn't exist without the other, and each can go to their logical extreme and cancel themselves out...Perhaps my metaphor is simplistic; I meant it as a kind of shorthand for my belief that love is a higher state of consciousness than any other.

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