Thursday, 24 February 2011

this snowy precious day

It is snowing.   I love the cloistered feeling of being snug in the house with the wood stove going and the...quiet....

Welcome to my new follower Active Turtle who so kindly contacted me through my shop as well.

Today,  I will sort through more of my mom's fabrics and papers that she has consented to give up during the huge emotional task of down-sizing.   Ah,  what a lesson there is to be learned here as I watch myself pull favourite pieces from the piles knowing full well I won't use them all;  I,  in turn,  will have to release them 'back into the universe'.   I see more and more how I am my mother's daughter,  insights that I resisted when I was younger.

This is a detail of a mixed media piece that I will be putting in my shop by tomorrow morning.
It is done in watercolour and black and white ink on vintage textbook paper with vintage textiles.

Again the flower girl that I love to draw so much.  It occurs to me that I was once a flower girl at the wedding of my father's brother and his beloved Belgian bride.  Now their children are all grown up with children of their own.

Peace on this precious day that never revealed itself until now


Stone Tree Studio said...

It is interesting what you reluctantly inherit from one's mother. Mine is a hoarder and myself as well. But so wonderful if you can take some of it and turn it into art.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Yes! I've been thinking a lot about this... My mom lived through the Great Depression and acquired the 'poverty mentality' legitimately. While she is no longer 'poor', she reinforces that feeling each time she keeps something she might need "some day". And don't I know it, doing the same thing with everything from bottle caps to paper to sticks. The problem is I rationalize it as an artist, but there is still the poverty overlay....I am learning slowly to trust that I will be able to find what I need when I need it.

mamabeaks said...

It snowed all day yesterday here. I love those snowy days! I understand about releasing, downsizing and letting go............ It is hard but also freeing......... love your new piece of art.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

How nice to hear from you again Mamabeaks. Yes, the emotional shelter of snow and the freedom of release. Thank-you for commenting and complimenting.

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