Friday, 18 February 2011

sentimental journey

Helping my mom to downsize in preparation for her move to a seniors condo has taken us both on a sentimental journey.  It was my mom who turned me on to paper and ephemera, keeping a scrapbook with me, and heightening my awareness of ballet and theatre through funky posed shots of costumed performers.  It has given me a huge affinity for kitsch and skewed, ironic ways of looking at things.

Here are the swatches she kept which are now in my possession from the decoration she did in the late 60's thankfully before the worst of the 70's with its browned oranges and mustards.   The top swatch is the wallpaper for the kitchen and the bottom swatch is the wallpaper from my sister bedroom.  (I have the swatch from my bedroom in a scrapbook- of course- somewhere.)   The middle swatch is the carpet that ran from the living room up the hall of our 3 bedroom ranchstyle bungalow.  The blue pattern on the left is still on her mother's dining chairs which Mom pickled in white, and the remaining 2 swatches are from the 2 loveseats which have since gone.

I love love love the idea of redecorating, but painting the walls and downsizing my own stuff is the closest I may ever come to it.   Still, it is fun to dream.

What do you remember from your past that colours your aesthetic now?

sweet dreams ahead



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