Monday, 11 April 2011

Alice in Hinterland

Well, it might appear to some that 6 days is a long time between posts, but it  feels  like yesterday. There has still been a lot of work to do with helping my mom to release the material flotsam of her life, and in so doing there lays a message for me as well.  Because I am in transition anyway between careers, but not quite released from the last one ( I have 2 shows for my pottery scheduled),  it is difficult to release the support materials (reference files, books, supplies,etc.) on the chance ( and this is the big hitch)  that I might renew my love for this huge part of my life by reconceiving it.

Between being as sentimental as my mom and as attached to the poverty mentality (what if...?) I am forcing myself to release some of my possessions back into the universe with a due date of Saturday April 23 for a big yard sale of mom's stuff and mine.

A warm welcome to my new follower Patti Roberts-Pizzuto of Missouri Bend Studio who I was so pleased to meet on etsy, where both our shops are located.

In the meantime, that old sidekick of mine, Time,  marches on,
 and the warm temperatures over the last few days are causing big changes around here.

The mist rising off the snow is so beautiful.

You wouldn't know that the air is warm and sweet with the smell of earth and wood.

You wouldn't know that I could take these shots quite comfortably in my pajamas as the rising sun warmed everything up.

The birds were singing and flying all around me: the robin, the phoebe, the woodpecker.

Everything making ready for the return of life, new life, including our little garden.

And, so, finally, a little peek at the Alice
I began a week and a half ago.

All good wishes to all and each who remember and those who forget
how to be present with what is working, sprouting, growing
in our lives.


Stone Tree Studio said...

I saw your Alice piece at the Bohemian - it is lovely!!!
I too love the mist rising, thanks for sharing your photos!

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Happy to have met you on Etsy! Best wishes for the continued tightrope walk of holding on and letting go of things....always a struggle! Thanks for the warm welcome and those pictures are beautiful...I can smell that fresh air! Cheers, Patti

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank-you Elise for encouraging me to enter. It was the shot in the arm I needed! The doll you entered in the show at the Bohemian Cafe and Gallery was fun and so you.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Patti, it is so nice of you to drop by with your kind words of empathy. Thank-you as always.

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

the photos are so beautiful...wish i could be there

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